"Douk-Douk" knife + leather case

"Douk-Douk" knife + leather case


The douk-douk knife was created in 1929 for the Oceania market. On the handle of this knife is a representation of a douk-douk, which is the embodiment of a spirit in Melanesian culture. It is the designer Gaspard Cognet who chooses this emblem by leafing through an illustrated dictionary. 

Then other outlets were found in Algeria and black Africa. By its size, it is ideal as a pocket knife. Extra flat, space-saving, light, robust and aesthetic it is a classic of the pocket knife.

Its reputation has never wavered for almost 80 years thanks to its exceptionally sharp blade. 

Carbon steel blade - cold rolled folded steel handle. 

Dimensions: 16cm x 1.5cm

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