Orange Blossom Water 200ml

Orange Blossom Water 200ml


Orange blossom water made by the very latest bigaradier farming cooperative, created in 1920. The flowers are picked by hand from the Vallauris, Golfe-Juan and Antibes estates.

The flowers are spread out on the ground for one night and are then placed in the still from which will emerge two substances which will not have the same use: essential oil, the precious neroli, intended for perfumery (and sold in exclusive to Maison Chanel for the production of N ° 5), and the famous orange blossom water, hydrosol.

To flavor your pastries (fougasses, pancakes, donuts ...) or to decorate your favorite drinks (tea, milk, refreshing drink ...).

Total weight: 235 g
Dimensions: ø 4.5 xh 15.5

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