Marseille soap - 125g

Marseille soap - 125g


The name "Marseille soap" does not have a protected designation. It is very difficult for the consumer to be certain that he is buying a traditional Marseille soap, made in Marseille.

The factory we have chosen  is a last artisanal and traditional soap factory of Marseille installed in the city of Marseille.

We offer this 125g slice made from 72% oil and cooked in a cauldron. 

Green, olive oil is generally used as a skin cleanser.

It can also be used as a multi-purpose household cleaner. It effectively cleans, degreases and detaches all surfaces and even the most delicate laundry.

INCI List: Sodium Olivate - Sodium Cocoate - Aqua - Sodium chloride - Sodium hydroxide

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